doc. 10
11 February 1977
Original: Spanish






          Without prejudice to the fact that the Government of Chile should comply with the recommendations adopted by the General Assembly at its sixth regular session, so as to duly respect human rights—recommendations that have not lost their legal effect and importance—on the basis of this report the Commission considers it necessary to recommend that the Government of Chile:


          1.          Take all measures necessary to enforce the procedures followed in the arrest of individuals, especially by security agencies such as DINA, so that the arrests are adequately recorded and the relatives are notified as soon as possible. Accordingly, the Government should conduct all inquiries necessary to determine the whereabouts of individuals who disappear after having been arrested.


          2.          Adopt an adequate and firm policy of inquiry, trial and punishment, if in order, of those authorities who abuse their power and subject detainees to inhumane treatment, contrary to the right of physical integrity of the individual.


          3.          Reconsider the law allowing Chilean citizens by birth to be deprived of their citizenship, as well as the cases to date in which this law has been applied.


          4.          Take the additional measures necessary to ensure that following arrest, the detainee may communicate with his family and with a lawyer of his choice, and also enjoy the right to access to these individuals on a regular basis.


          5.          Duly report to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on the measures adopted in connection with the above-cited recommendations, so as to cooperate with the Commission in the discharge of its duties.


          These specific recommendations do not cover the measures that the Government of Chile should take in other fields and which are aimed, as is desirable, at normalizing the situation of human rights in Chile.



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