9 March 2001
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          On concluding this report, the IACHR wishes to highlight the following points:


          1.          The Inter-American Commission observes the effort made by Paraguayan society as a whole to consolidate democracy, in the context of difficult legal and factual situations that have a detrimental impact on that process.  The Commission reiterates, in this respect, that representative democracy cannot be separated from the affirmation in the preamble of the American Convention that “the ideal of free men enjoying freedom from fear and want can be achieved only if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his economic, social, and cultural rights, as well as his civil and political rights.”


          2.          The IACHR also recognizes as positive the human rights standards incorporated in the Paraguayan Constitution of 1992, and in other domestic laws, and the ratification by Paraguay of virtually all inter-American human rights conventions.  The Commission also highlights the creation, in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the Paraguayan State of offices that work exclusively on human rights issues, and the recent signing of an agreement among the three branches of government to draw up a National Plan for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights.  The IACHR also notes the work done by several Paraguayan non-governmental organizations to promote and protect human rights.


          3.          The Inter-American Commission observes that among the main aspects that generally affect the enjoyment of human rights in Paraguay are the situations related to impunity, corruption, and poverty in the country.  The IACHR also emphasizes the failure to appoint the Human Rights Ombudsman, an institution created by the Paraguayan Constitution of 1992, and who has yet to be designated. In this respect, the Commission reiterates that this situation is a very important exception that affects the transition towards a fully democratic institutional framework in Paraguay, and constitutes a grave and unacceptable failure to respect the Paraguayan Constitution.  The Commission expresses its grave concern over this omission, which involves precisely an organ whose importance for protecting human rights has been shown in other countries.  The IACHR once again urges the Paraguayan State to urgently and immediately designate the Human Rights Ombudsman, in keeping with its Constitution.


          4.          The Commission urges the State to adopt the necessary measures to continue advancing in the consolidation of democracy and the full observance of human rights in Paraguay, and to seek solutions to the serious human rights problems that affect the inhabitants.  In particular, the Commission urges the State to apply and develop the recommendations contained in this report.  The Inter-American Commission considers it essential that in studying solutions to these problems, the opinions of non-governmental organizations and all other civil society voices be heard and taken into account.  The IACHR offers its collaboration to the Paraguayan State in the promotion, protection, and consultation activities needed to make progress in solving human rights problems.


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