A.          Meeting of the Commission in Santo Domingo


          During the course of its Thirteenth Session, the Commission decided to hold a meeting in Santo Domingo for the purpose of observing the elections of June 1 and, in this way, fully complying with the provisions of Article 51 of the Institutional Act. The text of the operative part of the pertinent resolution, adopted on April 25, 1966, is as follows:






         1. To hold a meeting in the Dominican Republic during the coming elections to be held in that country in June 1 of the present year. This meeting shall be called by the Chairman and its length shall be determined by the Commission itself.


         2. To continue to act, in accordance with the functions and powers stipulated in its Statute, to watch over the observance of the human rights set forth in the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.


          Carrying out this decision, the Commission met in the Dominican capital from May 29 to June 3, 1966.


          This meeting was attended by Professor Manuel Bianchi, Chairman of the Commission, and by members Mrs. Angela Acuña de Chacón, Professor Carlos A. Dunshee de Abranches, and Dr. Daniel Hugo Martins.


          The following staff members of the Secretariat attended: Dr. Luis Reque, Executive Secretary of the Commission, and Dr. Guillermo Cabrera.


          The Commission held four meetings, at which it took cognizance of the denunciations that had been addressed to it. The Chairman of the Commission, for his part, reported on the activities he had carried out in representation of it since the beginning of May.


          On May 30, the members of the Commission attended a meeting with the Ad Hoc Committee of the Tenth Meeting of Consultation, the Technical Assistance Mission on Electoral Matters, and the group of observers from the OAS. On this occasion, the Chairman of the Commission made a statement on the activities carried out by this agency in the Dominican Republic since May 1965.


          On election day, June 1, 1966, the Commission visited various zones of the capital to observe the conduct of the elections and learn of any possible violations of human rights. It visited more than 80 polling places and was able to verify that the electoral process was being carried out in an atmosphere of order and tranquility, without violations of human rights.


          On June 3, upon ending its meeting, the Commission issued the following press release:


         In accordance with the resolution adopted at its Thirteenth Session, held in April 1966, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights held a meeting in the Dominican Republic beginning May 29, 1966, for the purpose of observing the situation regarding human rights during the course of the general elections held on June 1.


         The Commission is pleased to state that so far it has not received any communication denouncing violations of human rights in connection with the elections held yesterday.


         Likewise, it states for the record that it was able to verify the correct form in which the balloting was conducted, in an atmosphere of perfect order and full freedom.


B.          Termination of the activities of the Commission in Santo Domingo


          On July 1, 1966, Dr. Joaquin Balaguer, elected in the general elections of June 1, assumed the presidency of the constitutional Government of the Dominican Republic. With the installation of the elected Government, the Commission terminated its stay in the Dominican Republic, since the conditions set forth in Article 51 of the Institutional Act had been met.


          At the request of the constitutional Government, the Chairman of the Commission remained in Santo Domingo until July 7, 1966.


          Before closing the offices of the Commission, the Chairman, in an act held on July 6, as a symbolic gesture, handed over various office supplies for use in the literacy campaign organized by the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo.


          October 5, 1966


                                      (s)              Manuel Bianchi, Chairman

                                      (s)              Gabino Fraga, Vice Chairman

                                      (s)              Angela Acuña de Chacón

                                      (s)              Durward V. Sandifer

                                      (s)              Gonzalo Escudero

                                      (s)              Daniel Hugo Martins

                                      (s)              Carlos A. Dunshee de Abranches



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